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LOGOMock Service Worker

Get involved

Hey! đź‘‹ Thank you for considering contributing to Mock Service Worker. We are an open source project, so anybody is welcome to suggest ideas, raise issues, and provide improvements to MSW and all the surrounding repositories. It is by the power of incredible contributors we are shipping a superb API mocking experience to thousands of developers around the globe. Now you are one step closer to becoming a part of our community!

Ways to contribute

There are multiple ways to help, and those aren't limited by engineering alone. We understand and respect that our contributors come from different technical and cultural backgrounds, and we strive towards a smooth contribution experience, especially if this is your first open source involvement ever.


Technical writing is challenging and you could be helping by browsing the project's documentation for the signs of improvement. For instance:

  • Spot and fix typos and overly complex grammatical constructions;
  • Document missing features, options, and recipes;
  • Suggest any changes that would make the docs more comprehensible.

Each documentation page has an "Edit this page" link at the bottom, clicking on which will forward you to the respective Markdown file you can edit and submit a pull request on GitHub.


If you are passionate about MSW integration with other tools, look no further than our collection of usage examples. Apart from being a great place to reference implementations, it's also a place that constantly requires attention:

  • Ensure various third-party libraries are up-to-date;
  • Propose new usage examples featuring your favorite tools.

Follow the Examples Contribution Guidelines to learn more about creating a new usage example in MSW.


Our very website is a great place for a frontend practice. Built with Gatsby and powered by a custom documentation implementation, it makes both a challenge and a learning opportunity for you. Here are a few examples of things you can do concerning MSW website:

  • Improve the semantics and accessibility of the website;
  • Suggest architecture improvements to a Gatsby project;
  • Enhance UI and UX of the website.
Submit a Pull request to the websiteWebsite and Documentation repository


Help others discover MSW through the content you create. In fact, if you've never written an article or recorded a video we strongly encourage you to try! Here are a few topic suggestions to start from:

  • Showcase how you or your team uses MSW;
  • Teach a concept or a pattern you've adopted when using MSW;
  • Illustrate how the library integrates with other tools you use.

Consider one of the following distribution platforms:

Needless to say that content creation is a challenging and demanding endeavour. We are here to support your effort by sharing the materials you produce with others! Reach out to us on Twitter to share your awesome materials.


Tackle issues, collaborate on stunning features, or suggest internal refactoring—invaluable kind of contribution you may bring.

MSW is a set of libraries that can help you expand your knowledge of the Service Worker API, grant a low-level understanding of HTTP requests in NodeJS, or even practice writing your own GitHub bot. There's always plenty of tasks to do, but it's twice as fun with a team of experienced engineers ready to help you with discussions, code reviews, and technical support.

Start your journey by browsing any open issues with the help wanted or good first issue labels on GitHub. Once you find something you'd be interested in contributing, assign that issue to yourself so others know you are planning your work. See you in the pull requests!